Website helps students save while enrolled in college

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Website helps students save while enrolled in college

Enrolling in a Christian university or college is well worth the time students of faith invest in the courses they take. However, if they do not receive financial assistance, pursuing a degree can also be quite costly. Fortunately, there are ways for these individuals to reduce their expenses while they work toward achieving their academic goals.

One option is, a website dedicated to providing college students with deals on products and services from some of the nation’s biggest brands. Those who wish to take advantage of savings on hundreds of thousands of products can join the website for free, according to a press release.

“Our members can now save on computers, dorm supplies and new clothes on the same site they trust to save on travel,” said Atle Skalleberg, chief executive officer of StudentUniverse.

Among the retailers that work with the company to offer discounts are Walmart, Target, J Crew, Staples, Best Buy, Walgreens and many others, according to

If students applying to Christian colleges and universities are concerned about their finances once they start school, they should keep their eyes peeled for websites like StudentUniverse, as they may make their college experience a little easier.

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