Begin a career in law with an associate’s degree from an online Christian college

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Begin a career in law with an associate's degree from an online Christian college

Some adults might feel as though a career in law would suit their talents and abilities, but may be hesitant about the amount of schooling involved. However, there are many other ways to begin an exciting career in the legal profession, like enrolling in the online associate’s degree program offered at Liberty University.

Paralegals assist lawyers with many aspects of their cases and workload. These professionals are instrumental in the preparation of evidence, filing reports, maintaining legal schedules and calendars, and much more. Individuals who are considering pursuing a paralegal qualification at an online Christian university should be organized, methodical and able to multitask.

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Individuals considering a career as a paralegal may be pleased to learn that the job prospects for this profession are optimistic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for paralegals is expected to outpace that of other legal professionals, and is forecast to increase by 18 percent between 2010 and 2020. Paralegals earn an average of around $45,000 per year, making a paralegal qualification from an online Christian college a potentially lucrative investment.

Students enrolling in this associate’s degree program will learn the foundations of law and the legal system as the basis for their studies. Research skills are especially important in this field, and individuals taking this course will learn how to search for legal documentation effectively. Solid written communications are also a requirement for many paralegals, and students enrolled in this program will learn how to prepare and write depositions and other important legal paperwork.

In terms of more general skills, individuals will learn to analyze situations from a variety of perspectives, as well as develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. As a leading online Christian university, Liberty teaches students to assess ethical and legal dilemmas from a biblical perspective, enabling students with a strong sense of justice to apply the principles of their faith to their career.

Graduates of these programs can either seek entry level positions as paralegals, or pursue a more advanced degree. Some larger churches and religious organizations often require the services of skilled legal professionals to assist them in their operations, as do a variety of nonprofit and advocacy groups.

Whether they choose to serve in a legal firm or in the church, individuals graduating from online Christian colleges and universities with a degree in paralegal studies may find plenty of ways to apply their beliefs to their profession.

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