Christianity helped professional find business success

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Christianity helped professional find business success

Whether students enrolled in a Christian university pursue a business degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s level, they know they are earning the credential in a way that reflects their religious values.

One Christian who has managed to find success in the business sector without forgetting his spiritual values is Harry L. Smith, the chairman of Schilling Enterprises. However, Smith has faced his fair share of challenges over the course of his career.

When Smith assumed the helm of Schilling, one of the company’s divisions filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1980, The Jackson Sun reported. It was around this time that Smith realized how much he needed God in his life. In his new book, “Driven to Deliver: 9 Keys for Going the Distance in Life and Business,” Smith writes about how his faith has not only steadied him, but taught him valuable business lessons.

“You have to hire employees that have the same principles you have,” said Smith, as quoted by the news source.

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If students would like to follow in Smith’s footsteps, they should know that several Christian colleges and universities offer academic programs in business. For instance, Mid-America Christian University provides a chance to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing, among other options, according to the school’s website.