Christian university to offer course on Heaven

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Christian university to offer course on Heaven

From small, people are exposed to various takes on what Heaven may or may not be like. Some trust in what the Bible tells them, while others may form different opinions of what life after death will be like based on what they have seen in film or read in literature. Now, one graduate course being offered through a Christian university will attempt to provide a clear view of what people can expect to find in Heaven.

Between May 8 and 10, Oregon’s Corban University School of Ministry will host the class, which has already become the most highly anticipated summer intensive course in the Christian university’s history, according to the school’s website.

“To say the least, this promises to be one of the most popular graduate courses offered by any Christian university on the West Coast this summer,” said David Sanford, Corban’s director of communications and public relations, as quoted by the website.

The course will be taught by Bible teacher and best-selling author Randy Alcorn, who will help students acquire a knowledge of what Heaven will be like, as well as a deeper understanding of life after death, according to course’s webpage. In addition, those who enroll in the course will gain the ability to answer common questions about Heaven.

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