The benefits of studying abroad while enrolled in Christian universities

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The benefits of studying abroad while enrolled in Christian universities

A good Christian is tolerant of others and accepts every person they encounter throughout life. While there are Christians living in countries across the globe, the world is a very diverse place, full of unique individuals. One of the best ways for followers of Jesus Christ to meet people from different cultures, with their own set of religious beliefs, is to study abroad while attending Christian colleges and universities. Should students pursue this option, they may find that despite the immediate differences between them and the citizens of foreign countries, they are really not too different deep down.

Here are a few of the benefits of participating in a study abroad program at a Christian university or college.

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Personal growth

Students may feel as though they know themselves until they are put in an unfamiliar setting. Should these individuals decide to spend a semester studying abroad, they will find themselves in a foreign country where English may not be be the local population’s preferred language.

While the first few weeks in a new country will certainly be challenging, students are taking part in an experience that their peers back home are missing out on. As a result, they may return home with a new appreciation for both the U.S. and the country that was kind enough to host them. In addition, if they relied on their spirituality to get them through those rough early days, it is possible they will return to the States with more faith than ever before.

Respect for others

In today’s world, too many people still give into intolerance, or fail to respect others for who they are. It may be hard for students to give into these negative feelings after getting to know those who reside in their host country. Too often, people pass judgement on those they do not know or understand. When students spend every day of their semester abroad with individuals who have a different skin color or belief system, they will find that the world is not as diverse as they once thought. Everyone laughs, cries, loves and has his or her own dreams.

Where to look

Several Christian universities and colleges offer study abroad programs, including Liberty University and North Park University. Liberty sends students to countries like India and China, while North Park has programs in Sweden and Ecuador.

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