Students at online Christian colleges could benefit from mindfulness and prayer

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Students at online Christian colleges could benefit from mindfulness and prayer

Balancing work, family obligations and studies at an online Christian college can be a lot to handle. Many adults allow this to dissuade them from pursuing their career goals by returning to education. However, for Christians, exercising faith and mindfulness could be one way for them to remain focused on their goals and accomplish everything they need to get done.

What is mindfulness?

Although the practice of mindfulness is based on Buddhist meditation, the concept can quite easily be applied to prayer. This technique has become increasingly popular in the business world, as many executives sought to limit the stress of their work and its effects on their daily lives. Basically, mindfulness is an enhanced awareness of an individual’s thought processes. In Christianity, this concept is very similar to centered prayer, pioneered by Father Thomas Keating.

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How can it help?

For students enrolled at online Christian colleges and universities, centered prayer and mindfulness can help individuals reduce the stress of dealing with several tasks and responsibilities, allowing the Holy Spirit to impart wisdom, guidance and inner peace. Centering prayer should lead to contemplative prayer, which can bring Christians a greater sense of calm and closeness to God. This can be an extremely useful technique for busy working professionals who are also studying online, as well as anyone else in need of some peace and stillness in their hectic schedule.

How can centered prayer be practiced?

If individuals studying at online Christian colleges wish to learn more about centered prayer, they can explore the resources of the Contemplative Outreach project, which features videos, newsletters, articles and other information about centering prayer. If students attend a church regularly, forming a regular prayer group could be one way to practice centering prayer and mindfulness with friends.

What about regular Bible study?

As Father Keating explains on the Contemplative Outreach website, centering prayer is not intended to replace traditional Bible study. Instead, the practice is designed to bring believers closer to the Lord so that they may be more open to His word and teachings.

If students at online Christian colleges feel pressured or stressed out, spending some time in quiet contemplation may be just what they need to get back on track and remain focused on their studies.

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