Ways for students to communicate with international peers

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Ways for students to communicate with international peers

If students are enrolled in a Christian university, it is likely that they are studying alongside classmates with similar religious beliefs. However, this does not mean that Christian colleges and universities lack diversity. As they are higher education institutions, people come from far and wide just for a chance to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Several Christian universities and colleges welcome international students with open arms. For instance, Crown College’s website states that a more diverse student population will enrich the cultural experiences people can gain at the Minnesota-based school.

If students have never had the opportunity to interact with individuals from other cultures, they may want to follow a few of the tips The Boston Globe recently provided.

For instance, even if an international student speaks English, students will want to avoid using slang or irony, as it may be lost on this particular individual. Early miscommunication can make for a rocky start to any relationship.

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While conversing, the news source also suggested that Americans not talk so much about their own culture, and instead, show an interest in life in the international student’s own country. This can help somebody feel appreciated, which, in turn, may help them become more comfortable and open.