Pay attention to retention rates when searching for Christian colleges

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Pay attention to retention rates when searching for Christian colleges

If individuals have applied to multiple Christian colleges and universities and are having trouble deciding which faith-based institutions would be the best fit for them, they should spend some time going over data from a few of these schools. While this may not be the most exciting activity, it can certainly provide greater insight into the type of experience they can expect at these colleges and universities.

A wide array of school data is available to prospective students over the internet. However, three specific areas they should really zero in on are retention, transfer and graduation rates, as each can provide a sense of how happy students are at a particular Christian university or college.

Retention rate

Essentially, a college or university figures out its retention rate based on the number of first-time, first-year undergraduates who return to a particular school for another year, according to the Federal Student Aid website.

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Why is it important?

A Christian institution’s retention rate provides prospective students with a sense of how satisfied those enrolled at the school are with their overall experience. If a particular college’s retention rate is at or close to 100 percent, it is safe to assume students are happy with their higher education experience and do not wish to change schools.

Transfer rate

This percentage provides insight into how many students choose to complete their studies elsewhere. According to the Federal Student Aid website, schools arrive at this number based on how many first-time, first-year undergraduates enroll in a different institution within 150 percent of their program’s published time.

Why is it important?

If a school does not provide a very good education or student experience, there is a chance many individuals will decide to look for an institution that can meet their higher education needs.

Graduation rate

A college or university’s total number of first-time, first-year students who graduate within 150 percent of their program’s published time helps schools arrive at this figure, according to the Federal Financial Aid website.

Why is it important?

Like with retention and transfer rates, if not a lot of students want to complete their studies at a school they enrolled in as a freshman, there may be something wrong with it.

Do some research

Prospective students should not base their decision entirely on these rates, but they should factor into which Christian college or university they eventually enroll in. To access this data, individuals should visit the National Center for Education Statistics and use the website’s College Navigator tool. College Results Online is another place where this information can be found.

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