Keep social media profiles clean for better job prospects

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Keep social media profiles clean for better job prospects

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are no longer just places that people go to when they want to kill time. While they are still fun to use, they have also become vital online tools. Not only can they be used to enhance students’ time at Christian colleges and universities, but they can also come in handy when it is time for these individuals to start their job search.

However, if students are not careful, what they share on their social media profiles can put an early end to their job search. There are just certain things that longtime users of websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn know should never be posted online. Those who are new to these platforms may not be as familiar with what types of content should remain private. Here are a few of the big ones.

What to keep offline

• Inappropriate photographs and videos

• Offensive material and comments

• Personal information about an individual or someone he or she knows

Why does it matter?

While some offensive or bizarre content may be posted as nothing more than a joke among friends, officials from a Christian university or potential employers do not know that. If they come across somebody’s profile and it is loaded with inappropriate pictures and links, they may form a poor opinion of this individual.

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Many employers care

Based on the results of a new CareerBuilder survey of 2,303 hiring and human resource managers, several companies now use social media to get a better idea of who their job candidates really are. A total of 37 percent of respondents now visit these websites to see if the individual on the resume matches the person with the Facebook account.

More specifically, 65 percent of these professionals use social media to find out how job candidates present themselves, while 51 percent are curious to see if they will fit in with a company’s culture. Only 12 percent head online to find reasons not to hire somebody.

Keep it clean

Either way, there is no denying that a clean profile is the safest route to go. In this day and age, good clean fun may seem like a thing of the past, but It is still possible to have a great time without becoming inappropriate.

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