Prospective graduate students to gain more GRE options

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Prospective graduate students to gain more GRE options

In order to earn a graduate degree at some Christian colleges and universities, students must first provide their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

No matter how many times prospective graduate students take the GRE, the schools to which they are applying can view the results of each examination. While this is fine for some, those who struggled once or twice may not feel too confident during the graduate school admissions process.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has set out to change this. Come July, anybody who takes the GRE will be able to decide which scores go to the Christian universities or colleges they are applying to, according to a press release. The new ScoreSelect option lets test takers decide between sending their most recent results, all of their scores or only those they wish to from tests taken during the past five years.

“Adding enhancements, like the new ScoreSelect option, to our test-taker friendly platform helps people feel good about making a move toward graduate and business school, and that is what’s most exciting about this announcement,” said David Payne, vice president and chief operating officer of ETS’ higher education division.

The ScoreSelect option is just the latest in a series of changes ETS has made to the GRE. In August 2011, the company introduced the GRE revised General Test, which according its website, features a revised design and new score scale.

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