Collection at Liberty University’s Civil War museum continues to grow

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Collection at Liberty University’s Civil War museum continues to grow

Individuals who plan on earning a degree through a Christian university or college should take time with their school search to ensure that they find the institution that can best prepare them for the field they wish to enter.

For example, not only does Virginia’s Liberty University offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history, but its campus is also home to the National Civil War Chaplains Museum, according to the school’s website. The institution is the only one of its kind to highlight the role that chaplains, priests, rabbis and religious organizations played in the battle between the armies of the Union and the Confederacy.

In a recent press release, the Christian university announced that its museum has acquired a pastor’s journal which depicts the events of the Civil War.

“This artifact will assist us in creating a world-class museum here on the Liberty campus,” said Kenny Rowlette, the museum’s director. “Liberty is becoming known more and more as a center for the study of religion during the Civil War.”

Liberty’s museum provides just one example of the importance of researching Christian colleges and universities to see what types of facilities can be found around campus.

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