Film crew heads to Liberty University

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Film crew heads to Liberty University

People of faith typically do not enroll in Christian colleges and universities specifically so they can become movie stars. However, some students from Liberty University’s theater department may soon get their chance to shine, as several scenes for a new faith-based film will be shot on the school’s Lynchburg, Virginia, campus, according to the Christian university’s website.

The movie, “Finding Faith,” addresses the dangers of online sexual predators without losing sight of an overarching Christian theme, according to the film’s website.

Several Liberty facilities will serve as movie sets while the film’s production crew is in town, the university’s website reported. To date, at least 30 theater students from the Christian university have auditioned for a part in “Finding Faith.” Among the actors who will appear in the film is “CHiPS” star Erik Estrada.

Liberty’s campus will not be the only Lynchburg location to appear in the film, as the Thomas Road Baptist Church will also serve as a set.

“Lynchburg, in my opinion, because of Liberty and Thomas Road, will be the next Christian Hollywood, as faith-based education is growing mainstream,” said Scottie Ward, the film’s producer, as quoted by the university’s website.

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