Business students do not have to change who they are to find work

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Business students do not have to change who they are to find work

After earning a master of business administration from a Christian university, like North Park University in Chicago or Dallas Baptist University, graduates will no doubt turn their attention the job market.

In a struggling economy, some individuals may feel tempted to fudge a fact or two on their resume or during an interview if it will provide them with a leg up over their competition. However, Christians will want to stay true to their beliefs and remain honest throughout their job search.

These are the findings of two business school professors who conducted a two-year study of 146 MBA students, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported. For their research, the educators asked participants to rate themselves based on a series of questions related to how honest they were with themselves.

Some business students may feel as though they need to become someone else once they begin their professional career. However, those who were honest with themselves tended to have greater job satisfaction and higher ratings from their supervisors, according to the news source.

Many MBA students may not even have to think about changing who they are in order to land a job, as more companies are expected to hire graduates of these business programs over the course of the year, the Graduate Management Admission Council reported. In 2012, 74 percent of employers plan to hire MBA degree-holders.

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