Forging connections with a degree in business from an online Christian college

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Forging connections with a degree in business from an online Christian college

Some men and women of faith feel called to put their communication and commercial acumen to use with a degree in business from an online Christian university. These qualifications can be used as a launching point for a diverse and challenging career. There may be some individuals, however, who are unsure of how to connect with like-minded professionals who share their passion for Christ and doing business in a responsible and ethical manner. These resources may prove useful for individuals considering studying business at an online Christian college.

Networking with other Christian professionals

Although they may have established lasting friendships and connections during their time at an online Christian university, some individuals may seek to forge professional networks outside of their academic community.

Organizations such as the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) can be a great place to start expanding a network of professional contacts. This organization aims to promote responsible and ethical business practices among members, in addition to providing them with ongoing professional development resources to ensure their skills remain relevant. The ICCC also holds regular events and seminars throughout the year.

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For individuals who want to connect with like-minded Christian professionals in their area, the Christian Business and Professional Directory is another useful resource. This website allows users to search for men and women who are active in both their beliefs and their business by state, county or town, making it a powerful tool for Christian business owners who want to forge connections with other men and women of faith.

Professional development

There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs and Christian business owners, especially in a stagnant economy. The C12 Group is an organization dedicated to helping Christian business professionals achieve their personal goals through conferences and leadership development training. In addition to a range of membership benefits, the C12 Group also offer personalized consultations to help graduates of online Christian colleges and universities develop their businesses to achieve their organizational goals.

Similar in mission to the C12 Group, the Christian Business Roundtable seeks to promote responsible business ownership and practices through career development workshops, seminars and Christian media broadcasts. Members can sign up to receive newsletters, notifications of business meetings and prayer gatherings in their area, and learn from relevant podcasts, videos and online discussions.

For Christian business professionals, these groups can help them attain their personal and organizational goals, forge connections and stay connected with the issues facing men and women of faith in the ever-changing professional world.

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