3 Great reasons to pursue a master's degree at a Christian university

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Reasons to pursue a master's degree at a Christian university

Just because students have earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree does not mean they have to be done with learning. If people of faith have a passion for education, there is no reason why they cannot apply to an online master’s degree program being offered through Christian colleges and universities.

No matter what type of graduate program students choose to enroll in, it will be a big investment in terms of time and money, so they want to make sure they are making the right decision. If individuals are still on the fence about continuing their education at the master’s level, here are a few benefits of going to graduate school at a Christian university or college.

Better career prospects – One of the main benefits of earning a master’s degree is the fact that the additional education you receive can prepare you for career advancement opportunities. Many positions require candidates to have completed graduate school, so when students have these credentials they immediately separate themselves from others who stopped learning at the bachelor’s level.

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Higher salary – Money isn’t everything, but it is certainly nice to be properly compensated for hard work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold a master’s degree may make at least $200 more than individuals who have only earned a bachelor’s degree on a weekly basis. The difference in salary jumps even higher when students graduate from doctoral degree programs. With a PhD, individuals may make close to $500 more than bachelor’s degree holders each week.

More career options – If older individuals are not pleased with the direction their career has taken since completing college, graduate school can provide a way of switching gears and moving into a new field.

When people start searching for the graduate program that is right for them, they should know that advanced credentials are available through both on-campus and online Christian universities and colleges.

Mid-America Christian University Online ProgramsFor instance, Oklahoma’s Mid-America Christian University offers a wide variety of graduate degree programs both on campus and online. According to the school’s website, students can pursue master’s degrees in business administration, leadership and counseling, to name a few, each with a variety of specialization options. For instance, those who enroll in the institution’s leadership program can select an emphasis in business management, public administration or higher education administration.

Liberty University Online Degree ProgramsMeanwhile, Liberty University‘s Graduate School provides a wide range of graduate options in topics such as business, history, law and religion, states the Virginia-based institution’s website.


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