Students at online Christian colleges can use faith-based social media

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Students at online Christian colleges can use faith-based social media

For individuals considering enrolling at online Christian colleges and universities, there is a lot to consider. The internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, share information and become involved in their communities. However, some adults may be concerned about using mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to complement their studies. Fortunately, there are a number of online services aimed solely at men and women of God.

God’s Faithbook

This site aims to enable users to create profiles, join groups and enter into discussions about the Lord, the Bible and issues affecting Christians in today’s digital society. Individuals and larger ministry and outreach organizations can create profiles on God’s Faithbook, allowing users to expand their networks to include people and groups with similar ideals, beliefs and goals.

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Sharing video has become one of the most popular uses of the internet. GodTube caters to a Christian audience, allowing users to share inspirational and motivational videos, documentaries and more with like-minded individuals. For people studying at online Christian colleges and universities, GodTube could also be an ideal place to search for supporting research material and speeches by well-known evangelists.


Although CircleBuilder is not a free service and requires a subscription, this platform is ideal for individuals considering launching their own ministries and outreach programs when they graduate from online Christian colleges. As a paid service, CircleBuilder offers users a great deal of privacy, allowing individuals to freely discuss the Bible and their faith without fear of recourse from secular members, as well as the ability to moderate and approve comments made on CircleBuilder pages.


One of the largest Christian social media platforms, PrayerGroup offers users much of the same rich content and functionality that other secular websites offer. Featuring video, music, online discussion forums, prayer requests and more, PrayerGroup is an ideal way for students at online Christian universities to reach out to other believers. The site also offers links to other faith resources, such as notable Christian blogs, communities and e-commerce services.


This site enables users to share photos, videos and status updates with their friends and followers. Featuring an easily navigable interface and a variety of customization options, ShoutLife provides a great way for individuals studying at online Christian colleges and universities to share what is important to them, and discover new ways to serve the Lord.

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