Online Christian universities may help workers overcome career hurdles

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Online Christian universities may help workers overcome career hurdles

Some individuals are lucky enough to land a dream job early on in their career. Other workers struggle for many years, hopping from one mediocre position to another until they find what they are looking for. Either way, online Christian universities may be able to provide students with the knowledge and skills they require to make their professional dreams come true.

Everest College and the market research firm Harris/Decima recently conducted a survey of 303 Texan workers to get a sense of their professional aspirations. According to a press release, 68 percent of respondents cite family obligations, monetary matters and time issues as reasons why they have yet to attain their dream position. At the same time, 79 percent of those polled have concerns over their salary and job security.

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“Many people have a strong sense of the benefits of their dream jobs,” said Marilyn Long, the regional vice president of operations at Everest. “However, with the tough job market the last few years, many feel like they are trapped in their current positions with no other options.”

Still, 28 percent of participating Texans are open to the idea of returning to school. If individuals across the nation face similar problems on their way to making their career dreams a reality, they should know that many Christian colleges and universities offer online degree programs. For instance, institutions like Dallas Baptist University can help students earn a master of business administration or complete their bachelor’s degree over the internet according to their website.

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