Liberty University alumni help animals in need

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Liberty University alumni help animals in need

As students of faith are surely aware, the work they do in the name of God does not have to end after they complete their studies at a Christian university or college. For instance, around 350 Liberty University alumni recently came together to support the Virginia-based Lynchburg Humane Society, according to press release.

The Lynchburg Humane Society’s purpose is to provide care for animals that have become lost or are without a home, states the organization’s website. In 2011 alone, the Humane Society made a difference in the lives of about 1,800 animals.

Prior to a recent baseball game at Liberty’s Worthington Stadium, members of the university’s alumni community gathered for the Humane Society fundraiser. Those who donated either money or pet supplies enjoyed a catered, barbecue dinner free of charge. In the end, the nonprofit organization received more than 100 items from generous alumni.

“We all know the impact that our students’ Christian service hours have on individuals in our community every year, and our department is serious about keeping the experience alive for our alumni as well,” said Tyler Falwell, Liberty’s director of alumni relations.

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