Graduate school application mistakes to avoid

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Graduate school application mistakes to avoid

There are many reasons why students may want to continue their studies beyond the bachelor’s level at a Christian university or college. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold a master’s degree may make at least $200 more per week than individuals who have only completed an undergraduate program.

However, before students can take advantage of this and several other benefits, they must first apply to graduate school. Recently, Veritas Prep, a provider of test preparation and admissions counseling services, issued a press release featuring what some of its graduate school admissions consultants feel are common application mistakes.

Something that happens more often than it should in consultants’ eyes is the reuse of a single application for multiple graduate schools. As admissions committees review a large number of applications, they typically know when the information on one has been copied and pasted from another.

Some mistakes can paint applicants in a poor light, such as coming across as being too boastful or trying to disguise a positive trait as a weakness.

According to the Veritas Prep consultants, a few other mistakes applicants should watch out for are overlooking the importance of extracurricular activities and providing information that shows a lack of self-awareness.

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