Graduates of online Christian universities should get involved in their communities

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Graduates of online Christian universities should get involved in their communities

For some men and women of faith, choosing to enroll at an online Christian college is the culmination of a lifelong dream to serve the Lord. However, what to do once they have earned their qualifications upon graduation is another matter entirely. Adult students should think creatively about how they can do God’s will in their local communities.

Identifying a need

Depending on a student’s major at an online Christian college, there are a variety of ways they can apply their skills to improve the lives of people in their community. All it takes is some creative thinking and a little ingenuity.

For example, if students graduate from an online Christian college with a degree in business, they can start looking for ways to help their church manage their finances. In some smaller religious organizations, responsibility for using tithes is left to an informal treasurer. To help the church make the most of its congregation’s charitable giving, business students can offer to lend a hand.

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Similarly, helping youth pastors counsel and teach teenagers about the Lord is another way for graduates of online Christian colleges to serve their communities. In some cases, youth programs are managed by volunteers or inexperienced, yet well-meaning, staff. Individuals graduating from faith-based schools with a certificate in ministry can apply their skills to a very real need in their church.

Thinking creatively

For enterprising and ambitious servants of God, the perfect ministry opportunity may not be immediately apparent. Likewise, some men and women of faith may not want to wait for the ideal chance to serve to present itself. Creating new opportunities to carry out God’s will can be daunting, but also incredibly rewarding.

Graduates of online Christian universities can use the skills they learned in college to proactively help people in need. Although some churches may sorely need someone to provide activities for kids as part of an after-school program, finances may be sparse and as such the need may not be advertised. However, by being observant and thinking creatively, men and women of God can use their talents to help their community.

In every community across America, there is a need for men and women of God to step up and serve. Identifying these opportunities may lead to a challenging, rewarding and satisfying way to do God’s will and make the lives of people in their local community better.

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