Take control of your career with a degree from an online Christian college

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Take control of your career with a degree from an online Christian college

Many adults simply do not have the time or means to drop out of the workforce to attend college. However, in today’s challenging economy, it is more important than ever for ambitious adults to differentiate themselves from the competition. Online Christian colleges like North Park University offer a wide range of degree programs to help driven individuals attain their personal and career goals.

Responsible management

As a leading online Christian college, all of North Park University’s online degree programs are taught from a biblical perspective, with an emphasis on both personal and corporate responsibility. The school offers a range of degrees that could serve aspiring professionals well in their careers, such as business administration, management information systems, organizational management and leadership, and nonprofit management.

This diversity of programs enables students to choose where they feel called to serve, and offers adults a comprehensive, quality curriculum that will prepare them to enter the workforce in their chosen field.

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Help, every step of the way

As flexible and convenient as online learning can be, some individuals may be hesitant to enroll at online Christian colleges and universities due to their limited technical skills. However, North Park University is committed to providing its students with a rewarding educational experience, and can assist students with any technical concerns they may have about studying online.

Once they are up to speed on how to use the web as a learning tool, students can effectively manage their entire academic life at North Park wherever they have an internet connection. In addition to streaming video lectures, reviewing homework assignments and keeping track of their grade point average, students enrolled at the online Christian college can also interact with other students via the web.

Finish what you started

Online Christian colleges and universities are not just for students who are going to school for the first time. North Park offers a bachelor’s degree completion program that enables students to transfer credits they may have earned at other institutions toward a degree issued through its online program. No matter how few credits they may have earned, students can use the bachelor’s degree completion program to put their prior learning to good use and launch a new career or build on existing skills.

With so many programs and options to choose from, enrolling at North Park University could be a life-changing experience for men and women of faith who want to take their lives in a new direction.

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