Ways for students to stay focused on their online courses

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Ways for students to stay focused on their online courses

Individuals who have a desire to earn a college degree, but little time to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting, may want to consider enrolling in an online Christian university.

After all, a number of Christian universities offer online degree programs in a variety of academic subjects. For instance, those who enroll in University of the Southwest can work toward earning bachelor’s degrees in business administration, psychology or criminal justice, according to the institution’s website.

However, whether students enroll in the University of the Southwest or another online degree provider, some may have difficulty focusing on their studies. As they will not be in a physical classroom alongside classmates and a professor, online students know that they will not get in trouble if they take a break from their work to check Facebook or go prepare dinner. While these activities can be harmless in small doses, they have the potential to become a problem.

Fortunately, there are ways for students enrolled in online Christian universities to avoid wasting time on the internet and instead focus on their courses.

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Students who download this free program will receive a sobering look at how much time they spend online each day. RescueTime provides users with a chance to see how long they spend on different websites. Just looking at these charts may be enough to get them to reduce how many hours they spend glued to their computer screen.

Most importantly, RescueTime allows students to block access to specific websites for as long as they would like. This gives them no choice but to focus on the schoolwork at hand. The program’s website states that on average, people who use RescueTime manage to save just under four hours of productive time each week.

FB Limiter

Another free program students may want to look into is FB Limiter, which can be used to block two very distracting websites, Facebook and YouTube. According to the software’s website, once individuals have the program installed on their computer, they can limit access to these social media platforms for as long as they want. This means that rather than wasting precious learning time looking at their friends’ Facebook updates or YouTube videos, students can focus on their online college courses.

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