Take control of your learning at an online Bible seminary

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Take control of your learning at an online Bible seminary

People choose to enroll at an online Bible seminary for a wide variety of reasons. Some may want to dedicate themselves to a program of serious biblical study, whereas others might want to earn a doctoral qualification. Although these are great reasons to enroll at an online Christian university, these institutions can be the ideal place for ambitious learners to continue their educational journey for personal reasons.

Not just degrees

Schools such as Moody Theological Seminary offer a range of qualifications and certificates that adults can study for their own personal gain. Known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs), these classes are not offered for college credit, and are instead provided as a means for men and women of faith to improve themselves and expand their knowledge on a range of topics.

For believers who want to grow in their walk with the Lord, CEUs offer an ideal way to combine a personal interest in the teachings of Jesus Christ with the flexibility and convenience offered by online education. There are many different subjects to choose from, including Old and New Testament Survey, how to understand and interpret the Bible, doctrines of the Holy Spirit and an overview of the Gospels, to name a few.

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In addition to more traditional classes like these, men and women of faith can also learn how to improve their communication skills with CEUs in how to lead a positive Christian lifestyle, keys to happy family living, how to identify God’s will in their lives, and even the first steps of living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Specific goals for personal growth

As a leading online Bible seminary, Moody can also offer students a rich variety of CEUs dedicated to various outreach ministries. These classes may be of particular interest to individuals who are hesitant to commit to a full degree program, but still wish to help their communities and churches grow.

Students can study topics such as effective Bible teaching, educational ministries for children, youth groups and adults, creative approaches to teaching biblical material, and theological foundations.

One of the key advantages of these classes is their shorter duration, which could fit into believers’ busy schedules, and the varying levels of material taught. No matter if someone is new to the Christian faith or an associate pastor, there are classes available that can help men and women of God achieve their goals.

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