Three scholarships available to nursing students

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Three scholarships available to nursing students

Students of faith who wish to earn a nursing degree offered from a perspective that is in keeping with their religious beliefs have several options available to them at Christian colleges and universities.

For instance, Georgetown University offers students a chance to enroll in its online graduate nursing program according to their website, while Liberty University also provides an online master’s degree in nursing.

No matter where individuals choose to pursue their nursing degree, they may be able to receive help covering tuition costs. Medical Solutions, a travel nurse company, recently issued a press release announcing its new scholarship program.

Three students who are currently enrolled in a nursing program have an opportunity to each receive $1,000 that can be applied to their school costs. These individuals have between now and June 4 to apply for this financial assistance.

“For a student to have the opportunity for a scholarship, this takes some of the stressors out of school and allows them to concentrate on learning nursing fundamentals and how to provide excellent patient care,” said Amber Barna, Medical Solutions’ manager of clinical & quality services.

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