Master your finances with a degree from an online Christian university

online christian accounting degrees

Master your finances with a degree from an online Christian university

As consumers continued to be pummeled by the rising price of everyday goods, the cost of living is on many people’s minds right now. Individuals who want to pursue a career in finance may want to consider earning a degree in accounting from online Christian colleges like Mid-America Christian University (MACU).

Supply and demand

A degree in accounting is a diverse and useful credential for aspiring financial professionals. Some experts blame the global economic crisis on unethical accounting and reporting procedures, so men and women of faith who want to work in a morally responsible financial organization can benefit from MACU’s program.

Skilled accountants are always in demand. From large government agencies to small, independent nonprofit organizations, accountants can often make a significant difference to the overall success of a company. Students enrolled in programs such as MACU’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Ethics will learn the fundamentals of reporting financial information in various fields, including taxation, the nonprofit sector and commercial enterprises.

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A rigorous curriculum

As a leading online Christian university, MACU teaches its accounting program from an ethical perspective. Students enrolled in this program will not only learn how to manage corporate finances in a morally responsible manner, but will also fulfill the education requirements to take the Uniform CPA Examination.

Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on the importance of ethical decision making in relation to corporate finance and reporting. Men and women of faith who may have previously had reservations about working in the financial industry can rest assured that not only will they acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a challenging and demanding field, but they will be able to put their knowledge to use in companies that value personal responsibility, corporate honesty and ethical approaches to business.

A bright future

According to MACU, demand for accounting professionals is expected to increase in the coming years as regulatory compliance and corporate ethics become increasingly important to many companies. The financial crisis of 2008 caused much of the general public to question the integrity of the global economic system, and now banks and major organizations are realizing that the ways in which they do business must change in order to restore public confidence in the financial sector.

Believers who want to earn their accounting credentials in a positive, ethical and Christian environment may want to consider earning their degree from online Christian colleges and universities like MACU.

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