It is never too late to learn at online Christian colleges and universities

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It is never too late to learn at online Christian colleges and universities

Life can be unpredictable. Circumstances can often lead people down paths different than those they expected or wanted for their lives, and in today’s hectic society, it can be challenging to get those dreams back on track. Even for individuals with some college experience, it may seem difficult or even impossible to realize professional goals and ambitions. However, thanks to degree completion programs offered by online Christian colleges such as North Park University, it is never too late to earn a degree.

A wealth of options

North Park’s School of Adult Learning (SAL) offers a wide range of programs for students of all backgrounds. Degrees offered through the SAL fall into two categories – a Bachelor of Arts or General Studies. Within these two learning paths, students can choose from a number of specialized programs that align with a variety of career goals, including business administration, organizational management and leadership, criminal justice and psychology.

Students can apply their previously earned college credits toward a degree in one of these fields, and make their prior academic experience work for them. In addition to these core degree programs, students can choose from a number of elective courses to further customize their educational experience.

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Faith in action

As a leading online Christian university, North Park also offers a range of programs aimed at students who want to combine their faith and career ambitions. For example, individuals who feel called to serve the Lord in a leadership role can take the church ministry and management program, whereas students with strong business acumen can learn how to apply this to charitable organizations in the nonprofit management track.

North Park goes beyond merely offering courses with a basis in the Christian faith – it is part of the school’s core identity. All of the university’s degree programs are taught on a strong foundation of biblical truth, enabling students of faith to study programs that value the teachings of Jesus Christ and their relevance to today’s society.

Flexibility and convenience

For many men and women of faith, the challenges of attending a physical campus are simply too great. However, the advent of online education has transformed the way that people learn and study in today’s information age, and students can take advantage of the degree completion programs at North Park via the internet to achieve their personal and career goals.

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