Resumes should always stay honest

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Resumes should always stay honest

As students complete their studies at Christian colleges and universities, they will want to get a head start on the job search that will follow graduation by putting together their resume. While people of faith know that God is watching over them, in difficult economic times, it can be all too tempting for them to be a little less than honest when it comes to their credentials if they think it could give them a career advantage.

However, no matter how hard it is to find work, individuals should always stay honest when putting their resume together. If they decide to embellish a fact or two, they may grow to regret taking the dishonest route.

The consequences of dishonesty

Based on the results of a 2010 HireRight survey, 69 percent of participating organizations found at least one instance of lying on a job candidate’s resume, according to CNN. In some cases, professionals work their way up the corporate ladder and never tell the truth regarding their credentials until they are exposed.

This is the case with Scott Thompson, the former chief executive officer of Yahoo!, who claimed to have earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science. It turns out he actually holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in accounting, the news source reported. Thompson has since resigned.

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In addition to ruining years of hard work, lies on a resume can keep honest people from being hired for positions. Author Steven D. Levitt told that a dishonest resume can provide certain individuals with an advantage over jobseekers who are telling the truth.

“When someone else cheats, it hurts the honest people,” said Levitt, as quoted by the website.

Competition can lead to dishonesty

While competition can push people to work hard and set goals, it can also lead to dishonest behavior, especially on resumes.

“People feel inadequate and that they have to do whatever it takes to get their foot in the door,” Kim Isaacs, founder and director of, told CNN. “People see others getting ahead and think, ‘maybe it’s my resume.’ The temptation arises from a desire to stay competitive.”

Stay honest and seek help

No matter how tempting it may be to play around with facts on their resume, individuals should have faith that they will thrive professionally without having to lie. If students are worried about the quality of their resume, they can always seek help making it more impressive from the career services center located at their Christian university or college.

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