Begin a journey of faith at an online Christian university

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Begin a journey of faith at an online Christian college

Individuals turn to the Lord at all stages of life. Some people grew up in the church, whereas others came to Jesus as adults. Even if they go to church every Sunday, some believers may not feel adequately prepared to enter into ministry for themselves. As God calls all His followers to spread the teachings of Christ, an associate’s degree in religion from leading online Christian colleges like Liberty University can be an excellent place to start.

A solid foundation

One of the key advantages of the Associate of Arts in Religion program offered at Liberty is its simplicity. No prior knowledge is assumed, which means students of all levels of faith and understanding can benefit from the classes taught.

Students enrolled in this program will cover the fundamentals of the Bible, from doctrines to how the Old and New Testaments shaped the growth of Christianity around the world. As a leading online Christian university, Liberty’s faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields, offering students a world-class faith-based education from the convenience of their own homes.

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Individuals will also study the basic principles of Christian theology, enabling them to study the Bible more effectively. This program is ideally suited to individuals who want to become more active in their church, establish their own ministry or outreach initiatives, or simply wish to deepen their understanding of the Lord and His word.

A world of opportunities

As a comprehensive introductory level program, the Associate of Art in Religion offers students a sound biblical basis from which to continue their academic journey. Some individuals may feel called to progress to more advanced qualifications such as bachelor’s or even master’s degrees. On the other hand, some people may feel confident in beginning to serve the Lord in their local church and community following the completion of the program.

Whether they choose to pursue higher qualifications or not, students graduating from this program will be equipped to better understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, their relevance to modern society and how a relationship with God can enrich people’s lives.

Students can progress into a wide variety of roles, positions and fields after completing this program, including education, social services, clergy or chaplaincy programs, local ministries or even international missions work.

Education can, and should, be an ongoing endeavor for men and women of faith. After earning their Associate of Art in Religion, students will be ready to boldly serve God wherever they are needed.

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