Take your faith to new heights with Moody Theological Seminary

Moody Theological Seminary

Take your faith the new heights with Moody Theological Seminary

For bold and ambitious Christians, there are a wealth of options available for serving the Lord. Earning an online seminary degree from Moody Theological Seminary is an ideal way for believers to put their faith to work and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ to the world.

Focused biblical education

As a leading online seminary, Moody understands the needs of the church and the men and women who feel called to serve. The Bachelor of Science in Bible Studies caters to a wide range of vocational paths, including Christian education, ministry and outreach programs and personal spiritual development. This is a great path that can lead to graduate seminary studies.

The curriculum of the program is as diverse as God’s followers. Students enrolled in the Bible Studies degree at Moody can expect to study a wide range of subjects, including Old and New Testament survey, hermeneutics, a history of the Christian church and its doctrines, spiritual life and community, the communication of biblical truth, and Christian outreach missions, to name a few.

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Moody also requires students to take a diverse range of generalized classes to ensure they receive a well-rounded academic experience. Individuals enrolled in the program will study topics such as college-level writing, research skills, physical and life science, quantitative reasoning, introduction to philosophy and developmental psychology.

Students graduating from this program will have the knowledge, attitude and skills they need to boldly serve the Lord in a variety of vocations.

Valuable real-world opportunities

In addition to the extensive and rigorous Christian education that students can expect from this program, Moody recognizes the need for individuals to practice what they have learned. As such, men and women of faith enrolled in the Bible Studies degree program will have the opportunity to participate in a ministry internship.

Students are encouraged to choose a ministry project in their local communities. Doing so provides men and women of faith not only with the opportunity to put their knowledge to practical use, but also to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in their area.

Some individuals may feel called to continue their academic journey at the graduate level upon completion of their studies. The Bachelor of Science in Bible Studies is an excellent starting point for students who want to pursue a master’s or doctor of ministry degree, offering men and women of faith a solid foundation in biblical education from which to grow spiritually and academically.

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