Make previous experiences count at Dallas Baptist University

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Make previous experience count at Dallas Baptist University

As the adage goes, the best-laid plans often go awry. For individuals who had to put their academic ambitions on hold, the thought of returning to school can seem overwhelming. Between balancing work, family and church commitments, it may seem impossible to return to higher education and earn a degree. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Thanks to the degree completion program at Dallas Baptist University, men and women of faith can get their career goals back on track and finish their degree.

The value of experience

As an online Christian college, Dallas Baptist realizes that the easiest and most effective way for busy adults to learn is through the internet. The degree completion program at the university enables adults to apply their previously earned college credits toward one of its degree programs.

There are two distinct tracks individuals can pursue at Dallas Baptist – the Portfolio and Inverted Degree programs.

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Students enrolling in the Portfolio Degree track are not just taught new skills, they are also shown how to maximize their own learning by approaching academic subjects in a different way. Emphasis is placed on various learning techniques, in addition to the Christian principles of higher education, the development of critical thinking skills and the concept of servant leadership.

Not only does this program show students how to learn more effectively, it does so in a way that is closely aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The second track is aimed at students who have some college experience in vocational courses. Individuals who were enrolled in technical or occupational training may benefit from this approach, which emphasizes the importance of academic skills and professional development courses.

Honoring those who served

As a leading online Christian university, Dallas Baptist holds former servicemen and women in the highest regard. To honor those who served in defense of American values, the university allows former military personnel to apply the skills they learned during active duty toward a degree.

This program allows individuals leaving the armed forces to retrain and earn their credentials more quickly, enabling them to rejoin the workforce and put their skills to good use. Men and women of faith applying to Dallas Baptist can also demonstrate their knowledge of certain subjects by taking examinations designed to prove mastery of certain subjects.

With so many ways for adults to earn their qualifications, enrolling in the degree completion programs offered by online Christian universities could be a life-changing decision for busy adults.

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