Praise the Lord with a degree in worship arts from Grace Bible College

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Praise the Lord with a degree in worship arts from Grace Bible College

For many Christians, church is far more than a place to go every Sunday – it is a vital part of their faith. Coming together in fellowship to worship the Lord is a biblical principle, and some believers may harbor a desire to get involved with their church’s worship ministry. Thanks to the worship arts degree program offered at Grace Bible College (GBC), men and women of faith can turn their enthusiasm for praising Him into a full-time vocation.

A unique opportunity

The worship arts degree at GBC is the only qualification of its kind in the country according to their website. The program covers a range of topics that aspiring worship leaders will need to succeed in music ministries, including songwriting, arranging, ear training and music theory, leading bands and congregations, organizing rehearsals and recording technologies, to name a few.

Combining the technical subjects of a Christian media degree with an exclusive focus on worship and music ministry, this program is an ideal fit for anyone who wants to assume a position of leadership within a church’s music team or launch a career as a Christian recording artist.

The worship arts degree program covers both the practical and spiritual aspects of music ministry. Students are encouraged to take additional classes in Bible study to complement their recording industry subjects, and individuals graduating from this program will have the technical skills they need to begin making music for God’s glory.

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Faith-based community

As a leading Christian university, GBC offers men and women of faith a supporting, encouraging environment in which to pursue their studies. The college places great importance on shared Christian values, and students enrolling at GBC can do so in confidence that the teachings of Jesus Christ are central to the school’s curricula and community.

Individuals studying at GBC may also have the opportunity to get involved with a number of outreach programs, internships and ministry opportunities through the school. Not only are these programs an ideal way to meet other like-minded believers, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in the local community.

This unique course of study enables Christians to realize their ambitions and embark upon an exciting journey of faith. Whether they want to launch a career as a Christian musician or lead the worship ministry at their local church, this program is an ideal fit for bold and committed servants of Christ.

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