Open the door to a meaningful career with a degree from Crown College

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Open the door to a meaningful career with a degree from Crown College

The choice and diversity of programs offered by online Christian colleges and universities can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the huge range of majors can be a real asset to adults who want to advance their careers through web-based learning. However, for individuals who may not necessarily know where God wants them to be, this same variety can be daunting. Fortunately, online Christian universities such as Crown College offer qualifications designed to gradually reintroduce adults to higher education.

General studies, real knowledge

The Associate of Arts in General Studies offered at Crown is an ideal way for adults with little or no college experience to begin their academic journey. The program’s curriculum was designed with adult learners in mind, and offers students a diverse, flexible and Bible-based education on which to build according to their website.

Students can expect to study a wide variety of classes during their general studies degree, including history, intercultural communication, developmental psychology, writing and literature. Several classes focus on learning techniques themselves, enabling students to study in a way that suits their previous experience and academic level.

One of the key advantages of this program is its flexibility. Men and women of faith enrolling in the general studies degree can opt to broaden or narrow their first two years of undergraduate study to suit their personal preferences and career goals by choosing from a range of electives. Credits earned during this program can also be applied to a bachelor’s degree at the Christian university, including business administration, early childhood education and psychology and counseling.

A sound biblical basis

No matter how individuals choose to earn their qualification, they can rest assured the Crown’s curriculum is grounded in the principles of the Christian faith. Regardless of which electives they choose, students will also study a core set of Bible study modules, enabling individuals to grow both academically and spiritually.

In addition to providing students with a range of useful skills and knowledge that could serve them in future careers, Crown College is an ideal place to meet like-minded believers. Individuals taking classes online can join the college’s web-based community to become involved with school activities, and graduates can take advantage of Crown’s extensive alumni network.

Studying online does not have to be intimidating. With an associate’s degree in general studies, men and women of faith can make their career ambitions a reality in an encouraging and supportive environment.