Find new opportunities through alumni networks

alumni networking for online degrees

Find new opportunities through alumni networks

Enrolling in online Christian colleges and universities is an excellent way for men and women to realize their personal and career goals. However, these institutions are far more than a convenient and flexible way to earn qualifications – they can be valuable places to network with other believers and find new ways to serve the Lord.

Connections built on faith

Even if students decide to earn their degree online, they can still be a part of a vibrant community of like-minded Christians. In addition to offering students the opportunity to meet men and women of faith from all over the world, these alumni networks can be a valuable way to identify employment and ministry opportunities.

For example, Mid-America Christian University (MACU) operates an alumni community. This service is provided through the school’s Office for Alumni Relations, and enables current and former students to connect with churches, nonprofit organizations and private companies across the U.S. In today’s competitive job market, MACU’s alumni network provides students with another way to put their skills to good use serving the Lord in their new field.

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Individuals who are seeking internships or ministry opportunities can also use the service to identify churches in need of help. Some of MACU’s courses require students to complete an internship, and the alumni network is an ideal place for men and women of faith to find such opportunities to serve.

Shared values, new experiences

Of course, MACU is not the only online Christian university that offers its students a networking service. North Park University operates its own alumni community, known as Connect. Past and present students of the school can use Connect to meet up with former classmates and faculty members, locate alumni events and organize their own.

Participating in social and extracurricular activities is a vital part of the college experience. Online alumni networks open the doors of opportunity and enable believers to find like-minded individuals who share their passions, goals and ambitions.

Studying online does not have to be a solitary experience. Through alumni services, men and women of faith earning their qualifications at an online Christian college can reach out to other believers, identify new ministry opportunities and engage in the rich social atmosphere that forms the center of many schools’ identity.

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