Study entrepreneurship as a mission at online Christian colleges

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Study entrepreneurship as a mission at online Christian colleges

Sometimes, individuals with a great idea for a Christian venture may not have the foundation of a business degree to launch it. Life is unpredictable and some men and women of faith simply ran out of time to earn their degree and learn the skills they need to get their ideas off the ground. For such individuals, the undergraduate business degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship at Trinity International University could be an ideal fit.

Missions in mind

As a leading online Christian college, Trinity teaches the principles of entrepreneurship with missions work in mind. This can apply to a broad range of ventures, from launching a small business to ensuring a village overseas is equipped with sanitation and medical facilities. As such, the course content is diverse, challenging and taught from a strong biblical perspective.

Individuals enrolled in this program will learn about key concepts including new venture creation, entrepreneurial accounting and finance. The business aspects of the course are expanded upon in core curriculum, covering classes such as research and development, human resource management and entrepreneurial growth.

Christian principles

The teachings of Jesus Christ are central to all of Trinity’s programs, and the entrepreneurship concentration of the school’s business degree is no exception. Emphasis will be placed on how business owners and entrepreneurs can help the church grow through charitable outreach, community engagement and the use of God-given talents.

As the course content is so broad, men and women of faith enrolling in this program are encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that can be applied to different areas of service.

The degree completion programs at Trinity are ideal for individuals who seek to transition into new career paths, or people who have been out of the workforce. As an online Christian college, the entrepreneurship emphasis at Trinity can be studied at a time and place that suits an individual’s schedule and commitments, making it an ideal program for working adults or those involved with existing ministries.

With so many career paths and ways to serve the Lord, this certificate could open doors of opportunity for men and women of faith with a head for business and a desire to help others.

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