Transform your world with a master's degree from an online Christian university

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Transform your world with a degree from an online Christian university.

For men and women with a desire to change the world, working for a nonprofit is an excellent place to start. These groups often champion worthy causes such as income inequality, education and healthcare reform, advocacy for minorities and conservation of the environment. Individuals who want to serve the Lord while enjoying a satisfying and challenging career should consider enrolling the online Master of Nonprofit Administration offered at  North Park University.

Combining charity with business

Many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on donations received from the general public. As such, some of these groups may be in desperate need of skilled, knowledgeable people who can streamline a nonprofit’s business operations and make every dollar count. As such, individuals with a head for numbers and a heart to serve may find the undergraduate programs offered by North Park’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management (SBNM) to be an ideal fit.

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As a leading online Christian university, the programs offered by the SBNM focus heavily on providing nonprofits with sound business and managerial guidance, with an emphasis on personal accountability and ethics. Students can expect to study topics such as microeconomics, the principles of management and leadership, business law and financial accounting.

In addition to these core business subjects, individuals enrolled in this program will also cover a variety of topics intended to stimulate personal and spiritual growth. These classes include Bible studies, sociology and a range of electives.

Creative thinking

Students can complete much of their coursework online, offering a flexible way for individuals to advance their careers and serve the Lord through education. Although some classes must be taken at North Park’s Chicago campus, one benefit of this hybrid attendance model is the opportunity for students to undertake an internship.

The choice of where students can apply the skills they have learned is almost as diverse as their career options upon graduation. Students can choose to intern at organizations in several fields, including advertising, marketing, management and economics. Men and women of faith can use their managerial skills to benefit a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, and students are encouraged to work with groups that operate in fields that benefit local communities and people.

Individuals enrolling in nonprofit management degrees at online Christian colleges and universities have a world of opportunities to serve the Lord and change the world for the better.

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