Combine management skills with a desire to help others at North Park University

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Combine management skills with a desire to help others at North Park University

In today’s uncertain economy, it is more important than ever for nonprofit organizations and charities to make effective use of their resources. Individuals who want to apply their business acumen to worthy causes can learn the secrets of effective nonprofit management at North Park University.

Bringing value to nonprofits

In their mission to serve causes and communities, nonprofits often find themselves in need of skilled managers who understand the areas in which they operate. Students enrolling in the Master of Nonprofit Management at North Park will learn how to apply various business and management concepts to the unique challenges faced by charitable organizations.

The curriculum of the program is designed to place significant emphasis on effective leadership skills. As a leading Christian university, North Park also teaches students how to lead organizations from an ethical and moral perspective. The program also aligns with the guidelines set forth by the Nonprofit Academic Careers Council, meaning students who complete this program can search for meaningful career opportunities knowing that the skills they have learned are what charitable organizations are looking for in management candidates.

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A diverse curriculum

As a graduate-level qualification, the Master of Nonprofit Management aims to provide students with the skills they will need to effectively oversee these organizations’ operations.

Individuals enrolling in this program can expect to study subjects such as organizational behavior and ethics, principles of ethical leadership, human resources, financial management, nonprofit law and governmental regulatory compliance, fundraising and the measurement of project outcomes and assessments.

In addition to these core modules, students can also choose from a list of complementary elective courses such as managerial finance, talent development and retention, negotiation and influence, managing diversity and conflict, and global economics. This range of courses enables students to enter the workforce and begin working toward achieving organizational goals in the nonprofit sector.

Close to home

Graduates of this degree program can look for employment opportunities in a huge range of areas. Individuals may feel called to serve in an organization that deals with an issue that is important to them, such as healthcare, community outreach, substance abuse recovery programs, advocating for minority groups and many more. If students choose to pursue careers in areas they are passionate about, they may find their work to be more meaningful and satisfying.

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