Jobseekers accept employers’ right to review candidates’ social media pages

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Jobseekers accept employers’ right to review candidates' social media pages

As of the end of March 2012, Facebook had 901 million monthly active users, according to the social media giant’s website. Around the same time, LinkedIn’s website states that its online network had 161 million members.

Based on this data from just two of many social media websites, it is clear that this interactive technology is here to stay. However, students at Christian colleges and universities need to be careful how they use these platforms, as they could have a serious impact on their employability following graduation.

The career website recently conducted a survey of more than 6,600 jobseekers to find out what their views are on the role social media platforms should play in the hiring process, according to a press release.

Based on their responses, more than 46 percent of survey participants believe that companies should investigate a candidate’s online profile before they decide whether or not to hire this individual.

Workers who feel as though they can say whatever they like on their Facebook page if they are already employed may not be as safe as they think. Roughly 40 percent of respondents think that a company has the right to let employees go after posting inappropriate comments on their social media page.

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