Help children discover a love of numbers with a degree from an online Christian college

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Help children discover a love of numbers with a degree from an online Christian college

Officials across the country are placing additional emphasis on the value of a sound education in mathematics. In today’s globalized economy, it is more important than ever for children to be numerate and understand how math can be used to solve complex scientific and engineering problems. Men and women of faith who want to nurture kids’ love of numbers can enroll in online Christian colleges and universities like Grand Canyon University (GCU) to teach the next generation about the importance of numeracy.

The path to knowledge

GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with an emphasis in math, focuses on teaching numeric concepts in middle and high schools. The curriculum is based heavily on qualitative research, providing students with the knowledge they will need to become effective math educators.

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Individuals enrolled in this program will study a wide variety of classes to prepare them for the rigors of teaching. General education courses make up a substantial part of the program’s curriculum, including critical thinking, effective communication and global awareness and ethics in education. As a Christian university, GCU students also study subjects focused on the Christian worldview, and how this applies to teaching and education.

Real skills, real possibilities

In addition to the general education courses, individuals enrolled in this program will study several areas specific to teaching math in middle and high schools. Courses students can expect to take include advanced algebra, trigonometry, geometry, probability and statistics, calculus and instructional technology.

As part of the curriculum, individuals will also cover general classes related to high school instruction. Students will cover the foundational principles of education, how to encourage and nurture exceptional learners, cultural diversity in the classroom, how to effectively teach students whose primary language is not English, and adolescent literacy.

Students will also be expected to undertake a substantial practicum in order to earn their qualifications. This aspect of the program is designed to provide aspiring educators with real-world experience of classroom situations in which they can apply the skills they have acquired during their studies.

Lifelong learning

With so much emphasis placed on numeracy in America’s schools, it is little surprise that students who wish to become math teachers will require additional education themselves in order to attain such a position. Individuals graduating from this program can seek state licensure in Arizona, or progress to master’s degree programs to further their education.

Men and women of faith who want to make a real difference may find this program to be an ideal fit, and a way to invest in the next generation of inquiring minds.

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