Become a technical whiz at online Christian universities

Dallas Baptist University

Become a technical whiz at online Christian universities

In today’s information age, the need for skilled information technology professionals is greater than ever before. Computers are vital to hundreds of different industries, organizations and jobs, making technical skills a valuable addition to a resume. Men and women of faith who want to understand the complex principles of computer science can embark on an exciting academic journey at Dallas Baptist University (DBU).

Go beyond the data

Computer science is the study of information architecture and computer systems. Rather than focus on specific software programs, computer science students learn to analyze and solve computational problems. Many aspects of this major are highly theoretical and offer students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Graduates of computer science programs offered at online Christian colleges and universities, like DBU, can find employment opportunities in a huge range of industries. Some individuals may choose to apply their skills to academia, creating hypotheses and tackling complex problems. Others might seek work in healthcare, scientific research or software development. Computer science is a flexible and challenging subject that can offer students an intellectual challenge and favorable employment prospects.

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Diverse curricula

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science offered at DBU prepares students to enter this exciting field, or to progress to more advanced qualifications. As an online Christian college, DBU’s curricula are varied, providing students with a range of skills to complement their major.

Classes covered during the program include professional studies, English, fine arts, history, natural science, religion and mathematics. In addition to these general education courses, individuals enrolled in this program will study the foundations of computer science, object-oriented analysis and design, database management systems, networks and telecommunication technologies, data structures and software engineering.

Real-world skills

While computer science is a highly theoretical subject, students will also be required to apply their skills and demonstrate an understanding of the material through a series of projects. Individuals’ course of study will culminate with a final project that must incorporate the various disciplines and subjects covered during the program.

Not only will this enable students to grasp complex concepts, it will also prepare them for the kind of work they can expect to do in real jobs.

As technology becomes an increasingly important part of modern life, students graduating from this program will be in an ideal position to seek work in a variety of exciting and challenging fields.

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