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Become an expert communicator at Crown College

In today’s information age, effective communication is crucial. Mastering the art of conveying messages and meaning is vital to succeeding in the business world, and a degree from Mid-America Christian University (MACU) can help ambitious men and women of faith achieve their personal and career goals.

Winning friends and influencing people

The most skillful communicators realize that the techniques necessary to effectively disseminate ideas can be applied to any profession or ministry opportunity. Persuasion, influence and negotiation are all useful in a person’s professional and personal life, and MACU’s Bachelor degree in Communication teaches individuals how to convey messages, be active listeners and apply their skills to a range of career paths.

Individuals enrolled in the program will learn how to use different communication channels effectively, whether it be written, verbal or digital. This degree prepares students to launch successful careers in the media, while maintaining a solid emphasis on the application of biblical truths to their professional and personal lives.

Diversity and community

One of the key benefits of enrolling in the communications degree program at MACU is the sheer variety of career paths that graduates can choose from. The program features classes in a range of disciplines, including speech, perspectives in communication, mass media literacy, intercultural and interpersonal communication, and writing.

As a leading online Christian university, MACU firmly believes in providing students with a well-rounded educational experience that aligns with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and allows individuals to pursue careers in the modern workplace with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and ethical behavior.

The student body at MACU is active in many different disciplines that may prove useful to individuals hoping to launch careers in the media. For example, extracurricular activities available include the college’s student newspaper, media and drama clubs and performing arts troupes.

Real-world experience

Students are encouraged to undertake internships as part of their studies, which can be a substantial asset to individuals hoping to enter competitive fields such as broadcast media. Upon completion of their studies, graduates can pursue careers in marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, writing and even Christian ministry.

With a focus on biblical teachings and real-world skills, the communications degree program at an online Christian college like MACU could open the doors of opportunity for driven and motivated people of faith.

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