Information technology is everywhere

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Information technology is everywhere

Whether or not people realize it, information technology is everywhere. Today, this field encompasses work related to computers, software programming, networking and anything else that helps with the sharing, storing and protection of data. Since professionals in different sectors have a need for these services, there are many information technology jobs available in the areas of business, healthcare and education.

Here are a few ways in which these different sectors are using information technology. Just knowing what types of opportunities are available may be enough to help prospective students know what kind of information technology degree program they should apply to.


Many organizations have customers around the globe. However, in order to communicate with these individuals and sell them products, companies need access to the internet, which is just one example of the role information technology plays in the business sector.

Unfortunately, businesses do not come with computer hardware or an instant connection to the internet, and that is where computer and information systems managers come into play. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals are the ones who figure out what a company’s information technology goals are and how they can be implemented.

Overall, the effective use of information technology in a business setting has the potential to keep data organized and secure, as well as reduce an organization’s operating costs and increase their influence around the world at the same time.


Doctors, nurses and other care providers are becoming increasingly familiar with health information technology, or health IT as it is often referred to. According to The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, embracing health IT like electronic health records helps medical professionals better manage patient care.

Some of the benefits of health IT are the ability to better coordinate care, easy and safe sharing of information over the internet and increased accuracy regarding patients’ personal medical records.


Both college and the workforce are more competitive than ever before. For this reason alone, today’s students need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive throughout life.

To help ensure that students are ready for college and the workforce, education organizations like the Partnership for 21st Century Skills exists. According to this coalition’s website, information, media and technology skills are an essential part of the organization’s Framework for 21st Century Skills. As a result, it is not uncommon to see more children using computers, tablets and smartphones in the classroom to enhance their learning.

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