Social media can help small businesses grow

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Social media can help small businesses grow

One of the benefits of enrolling in a Christian university or college’s business degree program is the opportunity students have to meet like-minded individuals who share similar career goals. For instance, those who are pursuing business management degrees with the goal of one day running their own company may be able to learn about opportunities and resources that can help them make their dream a reality.

Maybe some business degree students are not as familiar with the benefits of social media as their peers. Through conversations in and out of the classroom, these individuals may find out about such options as Likeable Local, a Facebook solution for small businesses. According to a press release, this program, which is available through the social media marketing firm Likeable, is designed to help owners develop their online presence.

“We realize that many small business owners don’t have the resources to hire an agency and don’t have the time to create content for and grow their social media pages themselves,” said Dave Kerpen, Likeable‚Äôs co-founder and chief executive officer. “This is the fast, all-encompassing Facebook solution for small businesses.”

While prospective students of undergraduate business degree programs may still be a few years away from launching their own ventures, it is never too early to learn about what types of options are at their disposal.

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