The psychological effects of stress remain an issue for individuals with less education

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Stress remains an issue for women and individuals with less education

Those interested in pursuing careers in psychology after completing their studies at a Christian university may be curious to learn about some of the people they may be treating as professionals. While every patient has his or her own unique problems, more than a few are sure to feel some form of anxiety or stress in their lives.

Psychology degree seekers may have an interest in the results of a Carnegie Mellon University study on stress in the U.S. According to a press release, researchers from the institution used data from a 1983 survey of 2,387 Americans, as well as more recent responses from 2,000 Americans who were polled in 2006 and 2009.

The researchers found that in all three surveys, women, low income individuals and people with less education all tended to have higher stress levels. This shows that stress is still very much an issue for these three demographics.

“We know that stress contributes to poorer health practices, increased risk for disease, accelerated disease progression and increased mortality,” said Sheldon Cohen, a professor and one of the study‚Äôs researchers. “Differences in stress between demographics may be important markers of populations under increased risk for physical and psychological disorders.”

If this type of research fascinates individuals, one of the best ways to stay abreast of the latest developments in this field may be to enroll in a psychology degree program offered by Christian colleges and universities.

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