In accounting, ethics and attention to detail matter

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In accounting, ethics matter

Accountants must be honest, ethical, and most importantly, competent. After all, these professionals spend their days not only maintaining financial records, but also making sure that statements comply with laws and regulations. For these reasons, individuals who wish to enter this profession may want to pursue a degree in accounting at a Christian university, where they know there will be a strong focus on values.

One example of poor accounting occurred recently in Colorado, where the state improperly paid around $128 million in unemployment benefits in 2011, The Denver Post reported. As this was a huge error, Colorado now wants all of this money returned.

While some of the reasons for this blunder can be traced back to fraud, the majority of the overpayments – 96 percent – were the result of clerical errors. Overall, the events that transpired in Colorado accounted for nearly 2 percent of the $5.1 billion in improper unemployment payments nationwide.

While accounting degree programs offered through Christian colleges and universities can provide an ethical education, they can also equip students with the skills they will need for a field rich with job opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, openings for accountants and auditors are expected to increase by 16 percent through 2020.

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