Play a part in education reform with a degree from an online Christian college

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Play a part in education reform with a degree from an online Christian college

When it comes to education reform, much of the attention is paid to teachers in the classroom. However, while these professionals are instrumental in effecting change in schools, they cannot do so without the help of skilled educational administrators. This field could be an ideal fit for individuals who want to apply their organizational and management skills to a profession that impacts the lives of the next generation of learners. Enrolling at online Christian colleges and universities is an ideal way to begin this exciting academic journey.

What do educational administrators do?

These professionals typically work in elementary, middle and high schools. They work in offices, supporting teachers and ensuring that state and federal academic goals and strategies are in place and being met.

While educational administration can be studied at the undergraduate level, it is common for individuals pursuing entry-level positions in this field to hold a master’s degree. In addition to a solid understanding of education and the academic system, school administrators must also be highly organized, numerate and possess strong management skills.

Individuals hoping to begin their careers as academic administrators will be expected to have a keen understanding of the issues facing the educational system at both a state and federal level. A solid grasp of financing and budgeting is also useful. Time management skills can be important in educational administration, as can excellent communication skills.

Career Progression

Although educational administration is a specialized field, there are several ways that individuals graduating from online Christian colleges can advance in their careers. For example, many experienced professionals progress to roles as school principals. Alternatively, individuals can choose to specialize in human resources, financial administration or work within educational nonprofit organizations.

Individuals interested in this field of work can also become involved with the planning of extracurricular activities, overseeing student clubs and groups. Some people decide to pursue positions in school safety, working with other administrators to ensure the well-being of students and staff. If men and women of faith are passionate about the field of education reform itself, they can work for policy organizations and advocacy groups to campaign for changes in legislation that directly benefit students.

Education administration is an important function in today’s academic environments. With planning and determination, graduates of online Christian colleges can work with schools to effect change for the better.

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