Online hotel discounts company launches college scholarship

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Online hotel discounts company launches college scholarship

When individuals think about advancing their education through Christian colleges and universities, those who are in need of financial assistance may not think of looking to an online provider of hotel discounts for help. However, is exactly where they can apply for a $2,500 scholarship.

According to a Hotels Cheap press release, the company recently launched its General Scholarship for Higher Learning: Fall 2012. College-bound individuals have until October 15 to submit their scholarship application, which requires them to answer three questions related to their work experience and career goals. Responses will be evaluated based on their quality and effectiveness.

“Finding alternative, company-based scholarship opportunities is a great way students can raise capital necessary to pay for their expenses,” said Rob Bruce, Hotels Cheap’s vice president. “We are proud to be in a position to help our students and future generation.”

Bruce added that the creative thinkers who help make Hotels Cheap possible have all completed college.

Whether or not individuals interested in attending a Christian university receive this scholarship, they should know that there is always more than one opportunity available to them to help lower the cost of their education.

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