Three distractions online students should be aware of

Three distractions online students should be aware of

For nontraditional students, taking classes over the internet provides a convenient alternative to on-campus courses that are offered on nights and weekends. However, if these individuals are not careful, the distractions that exist on their computer can keep them from earning a degree from an online Christian university.

Before individuals enroll in online Christian colleges and universities, they should carefully consider what type of student they are and think about how big of a role these potential distractions play in their lives.


If students are taking online classes, it is likely they will have their email open so they can access or reference course materials in their inbox. Unfortunately, they are sure to receive more than just school-related messages while they are doing coursework.

Before individuals pursue an online degree, they need to consider how often they check their inbox. If they do it several times per hour on their cellphone, they may have a problem concentrating during their studies. Students also need to be careful not to waste too much time checking and responding to emails that do not require instant replies.

That email from a professor should definitely be opened. Printing out those coupons can definitely wait a few hours.

Online chats

Email services like GMail also come with a chat feature that can be very distracting if students are not careful. Some people can come to work at 9, hold multiple online conversations and handle the day’s tasks so they are out by 5. Others get caught up in these text-based chats and neglect their responsibilities. If individuals fall into the latter category, they should try to control their need to catch up with their friends and family, at least until they have completed their online coursework.

Social media

Perhaps the biggest distraction on the internet is social media. This is due to the fact that there are just so many different, interactive websites available to people.

Checking out a friend’s vacation photos or watching a funny video is always more entertaining than taking a course, but Facebook and YouTube also can’t ensure students a degree.

If it looks like social media, email or chat services are going to be a problem, individuals can always look into software that will help them avoid these distractions. RescueTime, FB Limiter and The Web Blocker are just a few options at students’ disposal.

They can also turn to the Bible to gain the inspiration they need to overcome distractions, as Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

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