Use technology to grow in your faith

Use technology to grow in your faith

In today’s busy society, it can be challenging for believers to find time to sit down and meditate on the Bible. Between increasingly demanding employers, family obligations and online coursework, enjoying a quiet moment to study God’s word can often take a backseat, despite the best intentions. However, individuals who are considering enrolling in online Christian colleges can use the same conveniences that compete for their time to make the Word a priority in their daily lives.

Smartphones and tablet computers

These devices have done far more than merely made people’s lives easier – they have revolutionized the ways in which individuals search for and find information. For smartphone and tablet owners, it may be challenging to remember how they survived without these gadgets.

Just as devices such as these can be equally convenient and distracting, they can also be used to study the Bible. Websites such as the Open Bible offer users the entirety of both the Old and New Testament at the tap of a screen, making it an ideal resource for believers on the go. In addition to providing the Bible in an easily accessible format, the website also offers several different versions of the Bible depending on users’ personal preference, including the King James and New International Version.

Social media

While it is difficult to escape the reach of sites like Facebook and Twitter, believers can use these services to grow in their faith.

Twitter can be an excellent way to receive bite-sized passages from the Bible, sent directly to users’ smartphone, tablet or laptop. In fact, The New York Times recently highlighted how many influential Christian leaders have taken to using the microblogging service in a big way. Other services, such as, have compiled convenient lists of the most inspirational Twitter accounts users can subscribe to, making it easier than ever for men and women of faith to receive the Word during the day.


These devices have become incredibly popular in recent years. Enabling users to search for and find hundreds of thousands of books at the touch of a button, e-readers can provide individuals enrolled at online Christian colleges with the inspiration they need to get through the day and stay focused on their academic goals.

In addition to providing users with a wide variety of texts, e-books tend to be significantly cheaper than their physical counterparts. There are several excellent resources for locating Christian-themed e-books, and the list is growing every day.

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