Help people come to terms with loss as a palliative care nurse

Help people come to terms with loss as a palliative care nurse


Some men and women of faith feel called to help others in their vocation. Individuals who want to help families come to terms with the impending loss of a loved one can earn a degree in nursing from online Christian colleges and universities to become a palliative care nurse.

Compassion and understanding

Families facing the death of a relative are often confused, angry and emotional. Palliative care nurses can make a huge difference to family members and terminally ill patients by providing them with timely information, suggestions on approaches to treatment and suggestions on making dying individuals more comfortable in their final days.

As such, individuals graduating from online Christian colleges who want to become palliative care nurses should possess a range of skills and personal characteristics. They should be compassionate and patient, as many families struggle with the impending death of their loved ones.

Students hoping to progress to this field of work should also be excellent communicators, as oftentimes there will be complex medical reasons for the decisions families will have to make. Being able to effectively simplify and translate clinical terminology into language laypersons can understand is very useful for aspiring palliative care professionals.

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Focus on the individual

Ultimately, a palliative care nurse’s primary focus is the comfort of their patients. While little can be done to prevent the inevitable, these professionals can ensure that a patient’s final days are comfortable and that they can die with peace and dignity.

Some online Christian colleges offer specialized classes aimed at aspiring palliative care nurses, whereas others cover general topics pertinent to nursing. Individuals who study palliative care can expect to cover areas such as the foundations of serious illness, progression of disease and its effect on a patient’s quality of life, pain and suffering in terminally ill patients, and an overview of the role of palliative care in the nursing profession.

The Bible has much to say on the value of nursing and caring for the sick. Romans 12:13 reads, “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” Men and women of faith may find that their spirituality is an asset to them in this profession, as families seek comfort in the knowledge that their loved ones are being cared for in their final days.

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