Adult students should focus on their finances before returning to school

Focusing on finances before returning to school

Adult students should focus on their finances before returning to school

There is no denying the fact that college students are getting older. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of degree seekers over the age of 25 is expected to increase by 23 percent through 2019. However, to increase their chances of success, those enrolled in Christian colleges and universities are going to want to manage their finances to the best of their ability.

Recently, TIME provided a few financial tips that older students may find helpful while pursuing a degree at a Christian university or college.

“Older college students need to have a strategy in place just like the parents of the younger student,” Zaneilia Harris, financial adviser and president of Harris and Harris Wealth Management Group, told the news source.

One thing older individuals may want to do is figure out just how much they stand to make at their job after advancing their education, according to the news outlet. If they will lose more money than they stand to make, it may be a good idea to rethink their college major.

Returning to school will not be cheap. For this reason, the news source also recommends adult students look for different ways of paying for their education. Scholarships are one route, while researching an employer’s policy on continuing education is also a good idea.

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